sound art

I have been working with sound for a long time, even from before I understood that there was a small niche in the art world that dealt with this phenomenon. I have created installations and works for media such as cassette, vinyl and CD. Now they often see the light as digital releases.
I have been working as a sound artist since 1995. Before that I was already interested in sound, but I hadn’t made the connection to it as an autonomous art discipline yet. Much of my work has been released by different labels, physically or digitally.

sound art

Sound art has been the main focus for my work in the past 20 years.

recent releases

For a fairly complete overview of my work please visit my Bandcamp page:


An old track that has surfaced recently, some edits done. Funny thing really.

Released October 6, 2022

Commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2003.
Also available at

Released February 11, 2022

Remastered version of a remix of the track “De Stort” by Dva Met Dva Nichts.
Originally released in 2002 by Antenne:

Released April 21, 2022


My studio practice has been given a boost by the discovery of modular synthesis these last few years. Much to the credit of Jos Smolders, who introduced me to it. In this release, I combine recordings of modular sessions with field recordings, either from my archive or newly made.

Mastered by Jos Smolders at Earlabs.
Cover art Drawing Machine Drawing #72 by Rosemary Lee.
Thanks  to Jos Smolders and Miguel Carvalhais.

Released November 3, 2020 on the Crónica label from Porto, Portugal 

Recording of the live set I performed at the DDD Festival Rotterdam in 2012.
Accompanying a live 16 mm film performance by Wilhelm Hein.
All source material consists of sounds created by 16 mm film projectors in operation.
Cover image from Materialfilm I by W+B Hein.

Released February 28, 2022


Some special releases are still available, notably Pierdrie, a collaboration with Machinefabriek and Marco Douma. You can buy the DVD at the Machinefabriek website.

other releases