sound editing

Editing sound is one of my great pleasures. Sound is much like working with paint or clay: it’s a material that can be molded and shaped into the desired form. Sound has huge impact on the perception of (moving) images and can enhance it substantially. Sound editing and design are very close by nature. But it can also simply mean that dirty sounds get cleaned up, of course.

sound editing

Sound editing is part of every project that I do. It is also very useful for film makers and video artists in their work. 


Sound editing includes cleaning of recordings for film and video, but also audio books or radio plays

In many cases the original recordings of dialogue and surroundings for film and video are riddled with unwanted noises: clicks and pops from speakers, traffic in the background and wind, just to name a few. With a good ear and sofisticated software it is possible to get rid of most of these sounds and clean up the files for use in the montage. It is also possible for me to record custom sounds for your film or video project.

Feel free to get in touch if you have need for this or any advice regarding these subjects.